3 Reasons Why Meditation Is Necessary

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Meditation to the inexperienced seems so mysterious and complicated. In truth, it is just the opposite.

Have you ever sat down outside, your eyes focusing on something, but you were not looking at the object? You found your eyes sort of ‘out of focus but at the same time you felt this utterly feeling of relaxation. You are vaguely aware of your surroundings but do not really hear all the sounds or noise. You hear without listening. You just went into a meditative state!

Try it with a candle. Stare into the flame and let go of everything. You will notice how your body will relax and at some point, your eyes will not look without purpose into the flame. Your brainwaves will go from beta to alfa, a very relaxed state. You are actually meditating without knowing it. Now that you know this, you can learn to meditate with purpose!

There might be concepts you have not heard before or are unsure of their meaning. We will guide you to the answers by placing a link to certain words so that you can be able to understand them fully. Watch a full video on this


The answer is simple. Everyone should find their own unique way of meditating. There is no right or wrong way to do that. Sometimes we feel safe to follow the instructions of others, and in the beginning, it may serve its purpose. Make sure that you follow your own path of discovery. The sooner you find your own way of meditating, the sooner you will be able to connect to your guides, angelics, and even to your Higher Self.

Doing something you love, where you get lost in that space of time, is a form of meditation. Just look at someone who is knitting or some sort of needlework. They are not counting every stitch. They go about doing what they do but they do it because it helps them to relax and go easy into that state. This is one way of meditating.

Other ways of meditating are for instance surfing, walking in nature, swimming, or even working in the garden. These are all ways in which you are in a meditative state because nothing else exists in that space. Isn’t that the reason why we all have our own way of saying ‘this is now my time’?

Then, of course, there is the ‘formal’ way of meditation, where you sit comfortably in a quiet place, closing your eyes and getting frustrated TRYING to meditate. More about this a little bit later.


Our purpose on this earth plane is to figure out what our path is, what is our mission, what is it our soul wishes to learn, and how to get the answers to all our questions.

Meditation is a means for us to accomplish just that. Have you ever experienced that you had a serious matter in your life that you needed an urgent answer to? Then, unexpectedly, maybe while taking a shower, or after a power nap, the answer presented itself? You went into a state of relaxation where you allowed your brainwaves to go from the busy beta waves to alfa waves. This is you connecting to your Higher Self or even your guides or guardian angel without consciously knowing that. This is where our answers come from when we are not distracted by the crazy world we find ourselves in.

Meditation then is to quiet the mind so that we can clearly hear the answers to our questions. During that process, we are able to relax and forget about all the problems and emotions clouding our judgment.


We are living in a time where the veil is thinning, it is a time of awakening where masses are realizing we are living in an illusion which is Earth.

It is during this time where many are coming forward, experiencing many deep spiritual phenomena like channeling, automatic writing, and many more.

We discovered all our answers when the Archangels unexpectedly presented themselves through Robert Henri, a channeler that has been given the gift of channeling any one of the Archangels. The Archangels stepped forward during this auspicious time to impart knowledge to humankind for the purpose of the Ascension.

Get yourself a quiet place to sit down. You do not have to sit in the traditional way of crossing your legs. You can sit in a comfortable chair or outside if you wish.

Breath is important. Breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrate on your breathing. Do not push away your thoughts. REMEMBER: what you resist, persists! Let them pass, do not give any attention to your thoughts. Just breathe and with every breath, you will relax more and more. Get the feeling of going deep inside. Ask your question and then listen with intent.

This is where you can start. Now, it is extremely important to remember that this is a journey. It is a path you have to discover on your own. It is like writing. You were taught how to form the letters, but at the end of the day, you discovered your own handwriting. This is the same. You cannot travel someone else’s path. Discover your own! For more videos click here

If you have more questions, feel free to visit our website for more information.

Much love,

Ask Angelics Team

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