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Today we will spend a little time on a question raised by some of our Ask Angelic viewers.  What exactly is happening when Robert Henri channels?  We are going to take you on a journey and Robert Henri will describe in his own words what he is experiencing during a channeling session with the Angelics.

Just to make it clear: every one of you can connect with the Archangels.  You can speak to them and they will answer you.  All that is different is the manner in which you will connect.  You do not have to be a channeler to connect to the Archangels.  

During channeling, Robert Henri leaves his body and the Archangels channel through him.  Those of you who watched the first session we had with Alba (video nr 345, on her YouTube channel) know that he has been given a strenuous test by the Angelics and that he indeed was successful, that is why he has the ability to channel any one of the Archangels.

As you know, the Archangels are doing everything to connect with humankind. By doing it in this fashion – using a channeler, is a wonderful way of teaching us, and showing in a very tactile way that they are present.  They made it clear that it is imperative during this time of the Ascension to impart knowledge to those who decided on soul level to be part of the awakening.

To be in the presence of the Archangels is something I personally found frightening at first.  It was an overwhelming feeling as their presence is felt clearly.  I was familiar with the QHHT technique by Dolores Cannon, and was very comfortable with the process of past life regression.  To have a conversation with the Archangels was something completely different. 

The first time the Angelics channeled through Robert Henri, I still used the QHHT technique to guide him into an altered state of hypnosis, but very soon thereafter the Angelics gave me a specific method to use so that Robert Henri will be 100% safe and be in a state where the Angelics can make use of his body. 

I also gave Robert Henri a keyword and when I speak the keyword, he immediately drops into that specific deep state of hypnosis.  The only purpose of the keyword is so that we do not have to go through the hypnosis process every time he channels – the keyword encompasses every step of the hypnosis process and works wonderfully considering the frequency of his channeling. 

I asked Robert Henri a few questions and he invites you into his world, describing in detail what is happening during a channeling session and how his physical body is responding.

RIENIE: How do you feel when going into this altered state of hypnosis?
ROBERT HENRI:I do feel myself leaving my body, although I am not consciously aware of what is happening around me at all.  I feel myself leaving to a completely different space.  It is as if you are opening the door of your house stepping outside – it is a totally different space from the inside of you home.    This is happening the moment I hear Rienie saying the keyword.  It is a feeling of being in an air balloon with sandbags to keep it grounded.  As soon as I leave, the sandbags are released, and I am floating to my special space.  
RIENIE:Are you able to see anything while you are traveling?
ROBERT HENRI:While traveling I do not sense or see anything, it is only that feeling of floating to my space.  
RIENIE:Do you recognize which Archangel is stepping forward to speak?
ROBERT HENRI:Not before I leave, but yes, as soon as they enter the body.  I have a key and I will hand over the key to the Archangel, and by doing so, I give my consent that they may enter the body.   This is how they will ask for my permission to enter my body, and it is always honored by the Angelics.    I recognize the Archangel that is to be channeled by their specific vibration.  Every Angelic has its own vibration.  It is not vibration in the sense of higher or lower, but only that each Archangel has its own unique vibration, only different from each other.  I want to stress that the Archangels have different vibrations according to their dominions and their different tasks, so they are all equal to each other.  I will then adapt my vibration to that of the Archangel to be channeled.   When an Archangel is coming through for the first time, they will introduce themselves and from thereon I will sense the vibration and thus recognizing the Archangel in future channelings.  
RIENIE:Describe the space you go to, what do you see?
ROBERT HENRI:I have no visual image of this space, but I feel it vibrationally.  It is extra-sensory.  I do not use my physical eyes as I am in soul state.  By using vibration, I can tell what my surroundings look like. I can even ‘see’ colors vibrationally.  However, I cannot hear anything.  When we are in spirit form on the ethereal planes, we all use vibration to ‘see’.  I am still connected by a thread to my physical body.  I go to a soundproof room with glass all around me. Again, I cannot see it like we do when in the body, but vibrationally I know exactly what it looks like.    While traveling there, I do not ‘see’ anything, but as soon as I arrive in my space, I am able to ‘see’ everything, even myself channeling and everyone else present in the room.   I have glass all around me.  I can feel the movements of the body but without the conscious mind to interpret.  In other words, if you were to pinch me, the nerves will still respond but I will not feel any physical sensations.  I also have no emotion there and is entirely content.  
RIENIE:How do you know when to return to your body?
ROBERT HENRI:The Angelics will leave my body and give me back my key.  That is how I know to get back into my body.  They do not speak to me but vibrationally I feel when they inform me when they are complete. As soon as I receive the key back, I am in the air balloon again and the Angelics attach the ropes to the air balloon and ground it with the sandbags again.  The next moment I am in my body again.  
RIENIE:How does it feel to come out of this state of altered hypnosis?
ROBERT HENRI:When Rienie is counting me out, I can still hear nothing, but right after the count of 1, all my sensations are back.  I can hear, feel and see as before.   The feeling when coming back is similar to swimming under water (while being able to breathe) and when coming up, I break the surface of the water and then I am completely out of the state.  
RIENIE:How does your body respond to the energy of the Archangels?
ROBERT HENRI:I do not feel tired or disorientated at all.  Every time I am left with a feeling of wonderful sense of completeness and contentment.  Never have I felt the slightest sensation of unease or of being uncomfortable.  I also believe that my body was ‘made’ for this as it is in my contract to be a channeler.  I thank each and every one of you for your questions and being concerned about my wellbeing. 

I hope that you have a better idea of what is happening when Robert Henri channels.  We are so fortunate, all of us, to be able to live in this time.  I sincerely hope that we will meet you in person at one of the conferences so that you may personally feel and experience the energy of the Archangels, and to interact with them up close and personal. For More Guidance to spiritual awakening watch more videos

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