It has been said many times before that if you wish to know the Universal truth, then speak to a channeler.

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What is channeling?

How Rienie found channeling

A lot of people want to know what channeling is. In fact, before my awakening I did not even know about the existence of channeling. It was only during a session with my son Robert Henri when Archangel Raziel stepped forward and informed us that he is a channeler that has the gift of channeling any one of the Archangels. Off course, I had to ask Archangel Raziel what that means exactly…

Why channeling is possible

We can easily be fooled by the limitation of our physical body. In truth, our body has 5 layers. It is our soul that encapsulates our physical body. That means that our physical body does not accommodate our soul inside, but it is our soul that carries our physical body.

When Robert henri channels

When Robert Henri channels, he is not able to hear a word. He travels to his own little space on the ethereal planes for the duration of the channeling of the Archangels. He can see everything that is happening, he can feel the sensations of the body but without the conscious mind to interpret. The reason why he travels to his own space on the ethereal planes is because the Archangels literally share his physical space. They enter his body and use his body to speak to us.

The soul of a channeler

You may have agreed before coming down to be a channeler. The soul of a channeler can travel to another soul, being or entity. However, it can be the other way around as well. The other soul, being or entity may also travel to the resident soul.

Your soul can travel

Our soul has the ability to travel. That is what we all do when we sleep. We travel. We may go to different planets and places on the ethereal planes where our soul learns so that it can assist us here on this earth plane. It is called astro travel. Why do I tell you about this? So that you can realize that our soul can travel the ethereal planes without any consequences to our health or our body. So is channeling.

Type of channeling experienced

This type of channeling is without a filter. Robert Henri’s conscious mind is not present and therefore it cannot interfere in the slightest degree. Every word he speaks is that of the Archangels.

If you want to know in Robert Henri’s own words how he feels and what is happening to him when he channels

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