Terms and Conditions

I have read and understand the way in which I have to ask the questions in the About Sessions page.  I also understand the reason no personal question will be answered.
I understand that the Ask Angelics team is not responsible for misinterpretation of the knowledge and advice given by the Archangels.
I understand that by just asking a question about a certain disease, I cannot be healed.  For that purpose an individual session with a hypnotherapist is necessary, and depending on personal circumstances and understanding, medical treatment may be necessary.
I understand that any advice given by the Archangels may be distorted by my judgement and limited understanding.
I understand that I ask questions to the Archangels out of my own free will and that the answers are given by the Angelics themselves and not the Ask Angelics team.
I understand that this service given by the Ask Angelics team is for the spiritually awakened souls and no effort will be made to convince anyone of the authenticity of the channeling by Robert Henri, or the existence of the Archangels.
I understand that no refunds will be given once a video and audio is in process of making or is complete.
I understand that I will receive the complete video and audio through a link sent by the Ask Angelics team via email and that it is my responsibility to provide the correct contact details.  
I understand that all videos will be available under a subscription option for all subscribers to watch but I may exercise the right to stay anonymous if so choose.
I understand that when a question is answered by the Angelics, Rienie from the Ask Angelics team may ask successive questions to get more clarity.
I understand that once the video and audio is complete and I have further questions on the matter, I must book another session.
I understand that I have to state my questions clearly and unambiguous to eliminate confusion.
I understand that by using the Ask Angelics website I will make sure to understand and abide by all rules.
I understand that I can make no claim whatsoever if I do not agree with, or understand the answer/s given by the Archangels.
I understand that the Ask Angelics team can and will not be held for errors on the website.
I understand that the Ask Angelics team can and will not be held responsible for others’ comments on the Blog posts.
I hereby release and discharge the Ask Angelics team of all damages, copyright, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from, or growing out of my cooperative participation.

Robert Henri and Rienie Ask Angelics