Our Story

Do you believe in co-incidence? We do not. If you follow your path that is one of the first things you will stop believing in. Here is our story of awakening.
In November 2018 my two children and I severed all connections with organised religion and became part of the awakened.

And yes, particularly for me, this was a painful and lonely path as many of you may know from personal experience.
At first, material of Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza crossed my path. Curious as I am, I wanted to know more and more. The work of Dolores Cannon, Alba Weinman, Neal Donald Walsch and Hans Wilhelm played a crucial role in my awakening. The process was very short and swift, and once I realised that re-incarnation is a certainty, there was no turning back.

In February 2019 I enrolled for the QHHT course by Dolores Cannon and a month later Robert Henri my son, joined.
Robert Henri was my first client. We visited a few past lives and in the process his back was cured. That was it, we were hooked! Robert Henri and I decided to “play” a little. He wanted to know more about the Library of Alexandria and I was curious to know what exactly happened to Anastasia and her family.
Just by stating our intention before the session it came about that we spontaneously connected with the cat that lived in the castle of the Romanovs. And believe it or not, the cat spoke with a Russian accent! How can my son make up the story in such detail and speak with a Russian accent?


After that we connected to an entity in the Library of Alexandria. He introduced himself but I have never heard that name before, so he suggested I call him Raz. I realised that I now have access to all the knowledge in the library, an opportunity any curious soul would die for. Raz told me about the fire that destroyed the scrolls and part of the library and other very interesting facts. I asked him if I may visit him again and very politely he told me I can do so anytime, he is always there.

A few days later, I went into a book shop. One book just stood out – a book about Archangels. Although I came from a religious background, they hardly ever spoke about the Archangels and I had no knowledge of them. I bought the book and went to a coffee shop where I started to read the book. I came to a page where the author introduced Archangel Raziel, the Keeper of Knowledge and the Master of Past Lives.

This is a moment I will never forget as I instantly knew this was Raz in the library.
Needless to say I could not wait to sit Robert Henri down and guide him into hypnosis so I can speak to Raz again. Upon asking the question, Raz confirmed he is Archangel Raziel. This is how I learned that Robert Henri is a channel for the Archangels.
From there on the sessions with Robert Henri changed. He channelled Archangel Raziel and other Archangels on a regular basis. They informed us that we will not be assisting other clients who wish to experience the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Instead, Robert Henri has been given the gift of channelling any one of the Archangels and our path is set to assist directly with the ascension in other ways.
On 1st August 2019 we were informed that it is the first day of the ascension and that we will be visiting Alba Weinman. Alba invited us to join her in New Zealand and we met 31 August. You can watch the video on Alba’s YouTube channel, video nr. 345. You can also read about it in our blog.


Through this website we wish to share with you the same privilege we have of asking all your questions and having it answered by the Archangels themselves over a cup of tea.