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Awakening Process

I have always been this way – do not be rude and wake me up with a lot of noise or by shaking me.  I need 10 minutes of peace and quiet and then I’ll be as sweet as honey for the remainder of the day.

I guess energetically I’m the same.  It must feel more harmonious to shed the veil and become one of the awakened over a longer period of time – in a more subtle and gentle way.  Well, I was kicked out of bed with a heavy boot.  My awakening was very short and swift. 

I became part of organized religion when I was 5 years old.  I married and we continued as members of the same church.  Together we stayed very involved and even climbed the ladder of management.  Where most other people would come home from work and relax, we had to attend activities – 6 days a week.  That became a lifestyle without asking questions. Until one day 50 years later…

I did not go looking for it, it found me.  The works of people like Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza got my attention.  When I become interested in something, I stay true to myself, just by behaving like fire, burning higher and higher until I found what I was supposed to.  Then Dolores Cannon, Alba Weinman and Hans Wilhelm crossed my path, and of course, the Conversations with God books by Neal Donald Walsh.  This happened in a period of about one month.  Every free moment I had I filled by digging deep into this knowledge and learning how to meditate. 

The last week of November 2018 was the turning point.  I suddenly realized that what I had been taught all these years was done so with good intention but not in a state of awakening.  I cried for a whole week.  I cried because of all the years I spent in the not knowing.  I cried because of the overwhelming wonder that took me by storm.  I cried because the awakening is opening one’s eyes and you see everything and everyone differently than before.  Everything changed in such a short space of time.  I always did well with change, so I quickly found my feet and today I am so grateful for the gift of awakening that was given to me and my two children. >>>

I awakened to my own wrong doings.  I realized I may not judge people, it does not matter what choices they make in life because I do not know what the soul wants to learn; I learnt that my children are my equals in every way because all souls are equal; I started to understand our purpose here on the earth plane and the importance of living in love and not in fear;  I learnt of the value of the darkness so that the light may appear; I also experienced people close to me drifting away to leave me to continue on my new path.  It was painful but even that vanished before the wonder of discovering who I really am.

It is a bittersweet experience like the last day of school.  Those years were wonderful, but it cannot continue forever because something amazing is awaiting you, although you cannot yet comprehend the magnitude thereof or what it is. Everything we need is already inside of us.  Now all that is needed is for us to make it a life of discovery. 

I would love to hear from you and how you experienced your path of awakening. Start your guided spiritual awakening now.

Till next time,

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