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Our Journey Of Awakening With Alba Weinman

Alba Weinman’s YouTube channel played a crucial role in my awakening that was very short and rapid, and that’s how Ask Angelics began.  I have been a member of organized religion for 50 years, and of course, so were my children as well. Robert Henri has been the church organist for many years and was also very involved in church activities.  However, my daughter, who is a Starseed (as confirmed by the Angelics), never could find that connection.  Now, after been given that knowledge, it is clear why she could not identify with organized religion. I also want to stress that I do not judge anyone that feels comfortable in a religious environment.

During November 2018 I realized that what I have been told all these years just does not add up.  It felt as if the world collapsed around me when I realized that for the past 50 years I believed what people told me to believe. Reincarnation is a certainty, what a shock!  I told Robert Henri about my discovery but he just said it cannot be true.  Well, the next day Robert Henri came to me and told me he had a dream. He saw two of his past lives.  He did not need any convincing anymore after that.

By February 2019 I enrolled in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique course of Dolores Cannon, and a month later Robert Henri followed suit.  After passing my exam Robert Henri became my first subject.  He was a somnambulist, went into a deep state of hypnosis without any problem.  I was a little bit scared, being here in South Africa on my own and not in the safe environment of a class to call for help if needed.  That is how we started.  If you want to know how it came that we connected with the Archangels, read our About Us page.

On the 1st August 2019 during a session with the Archangels, we got word that this is the first day of the ascension.  Also, that we will be visiting Alba as the Archangels want to speak with her in person.  Having a channeler of all Archangels in our home completely changed our lives forever.  One of the things that came with knowledge is the absolution of fear.  Fear was not part of our lives anymore, we trusted the Angelics with all our heart, and we started on this path to complete our mission that was spelled out to us by them.

I contacted Alba to request an audience with her, explaining what the reason was.  Alba Weinman agreed to see us on Saturday, 31st August but we had to go to New Zealand to meet with her there.  

My daughter was still a student in Architecture which means we did not really have the money to spend on expensive overseas trips and accommodation while trying to get as much as we can out of the South African Rand.  We just knew there will be made a way and we continued in faith.  My daughter insisted that we have to sell her car (Hyundai I10). She has always been so connected from a very young age and was actually awakened long before us.  She will use my car to drive to the university and back.  Within one day we sold the car for more than we expected.  

Very soon we got Robert Henri’s visa, but mine was still outstanding.  Tuesday 27 August we flew from Port Elizabeth to OR Tambo where we will take the flight out to New Zealand.  Still no sign of my visa, but we went because the Angelics said everything will go as planned.  Needless to say, I was refused permission to board. No visa, no flight.  My eyes just flooded with tears.  Here I am in good faith, just doing exactly what the Angelics told me to do, but I did not get my visa.  Then the magic started to happen.  They offered Robert Henri and I seats on the Thursday flight at no extra cost to give me a chance to get my visa.

It was 04:00 the following morning when I woke up, checked my emails, and there it was!  I got my visa and the rest of the day Robert Henri and I could relax.  I experienced the value of the darkness.  Without it, I would never have appreciated the light, and I had a feeling of peace for trusting in the Archangels.  Thursday 29 August we departed from OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg to Auckland, New Zealand.  We lost two days which meant that in the end, we were in New Zealand for 25 hours.

We got there on 02:00 the Saturday morning 31 August, at 10:00 we met with Alba Weinman who stayed very close by and we made our way back the next morning at 03:00 when we departed for the airport.

The few hours we spent with Alba was magical.  Her appreciation of what we brought to her that day made everything worth our while.  You can watch the video on Alba Weinman’s YouTube channel, video nr 345 where Robert Henri channeled the Archangels Raziel and Azrael, and where the Angelics explain why Robert Henri has been given the gift of channeling any Archangel.

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