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After 50 years of dedication to organized religion, my soul decided it was time to become part of the awakened. I never knew anything else outside of that neat little box I was encapsulated in. Neat in the sense that I was oblivious to the truths and the wonders of who I really am and what I am capable of.

The Truth found me. I did not go looking for it — in fact, I would not have known what to go looking for! My spiritual awakening was sudden and very swift. I was finally cut loose from a way of living that was actually just existed in a reality I created for myself.

I took interest in the QHHT course by Dolores Cannon, a method of hypnosis where the subject is taken back to past lives for the purpose of healing. My son Robert Henri became my first subject and after a few past life regressions where he experienced miracle healing, I was hooked. After about a month, Archangel Raziel stepped forward, announcing to us that I will not be doing QHHT sessions, but that Robert Henri has been given the gift of channeling anyone of the Archangels.

We will be working together to bring this great gift to humanity. Although I spent all those years in organized religion, I never learned about the Archangels or what channeling is — and this only magnified the wonder of the true existence of the Angelics.

Read more about our beginnings here.


Very soon after that discovery, Ask Angelics was born. The sessions with Robert Henri took on a different form. We were communicating with the Angelics by making use of channeling and were informed that this is part of our life path, our mission. We will bring the Angelics to the masses so they can impart knowledge to them for the purpose of the Ascension.

Ask Angelics were created for you. All you need to know about life, what we are doing here on this earth plane, why this is the most exciting time since the creation of Gaia, and much more. All your questions can be answered.

During this most auspicious time of the Ascension, the Archangels are here to guide you on the path of spiritual awakening, lifting the veil that created the illusion of disconnectedness from our Guides, Guardian Angel, Angelics, Source, and of course from each other.

You are reading this because you know there is so much more than just your body and what you have seen so far. You have taken the first step on the path of awakening, or you have traveled this exciting path for quite a while now.

In the book ‘Conversations with God’ by Neal Donald Walsh, Source said if you want to know the truth, go to a channeler.


If you on soul level decided that you want to be part of the awakening to experience the Ascension with Gaia, then Ask Angelics is the answer.

By posing your questions on our website, you will have the opportunity to receive answers directly from the Archangels. Channeling is a precious gift from the Archangels to communicate with us. If you want to know exactly what happens during channeling, Robert Henri describes in his own words on our website what he feels, and reveals in detail where he goes to when the Archangels come in.

Ask Angelics is not knowledge from a human perspective. It is angelical knowledge channeled through a vessel that agreed to assist with the Ascension and spiritual awakening of others in this wonderful manner.


Normally when connecting through another method like meditation, the answers received are filtered. A small portion of us still has an influence as we are not always fully connected with the being we are connecting with. Some of our experiences and sometimes logical mind are seeping through.

Channeling is when an entity such as the Angelics exchange physical spaces with a vessel. This means that the channel’s soul leaves the body and the entity or being comes into the physical body and speaks without the channel’s conscious mind being present.

Robert Henri goes to a space on the ethereal planes. He cannot hear anything that is being said but can still feel the sensations of the body without the conscious mind to interpret. Robert Henri tells all in detail how he feels and where he goes when channeling. Read all about it in his own words here.

What we bring humanity is unfiltered truth spoken by the Archangels themselves, without human interference.



You will learn everything needed to assist you on your path of spiritual awakening to be able to experience the Ascension with Gaia.

Now with the thinning of the veil, we are all given the opportunity to learn all about our existence here on Earth. Do you have questions about what you are doing here, is reincarnation true, what is this illusion we agreed to experience with all its limitations? Why do we suffer from illnesses and what is the purpose of it all? How can we heal?

We created a platform for you where you can, in a safe environment, ask your questions anonymously. We pose your questions to the Archangels, who will answer you by making use of a channeler like Robert Henri. To make use of this opportunity, click here.

We upload a full-length video as well as one podcast weekly to Vimeo featuring the Archangels channeling through Robert Henri. If you are not sure if this will resonate with you, we have trailers of all our videos, as well as one full-length podcast per month on our YouTube channel.


Come and discover together with all of those who are on the path of awakening just like you.

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