There are different levels of channeling.  When Robert Henri channels the Archangels he exits and the Archangel comes in.  You will be able to see subtle changes in his facial features when the Archangel enters.  Robert Henri describe his experience as follows:  “It is as if I am in a sound proof room with glass all around me and I am standing there.  I can see all that is happening but cannot hear anything.  I can also feel all the movements of the body but without the conscious mind to interpret.”   This spesific technique of hypnosis was given to Rienie by the Archangels.

Personal questions must always be asked to the Higher Self during an individual hypnosis session facilitated by a hypnotherapist.  We do not work with the Higher Self but with the Archangels. The purpose of the Archangels during this time of the ascension is to bring knowledge to the masses so humans can remember who they are and why they are here on this earth plane.  The Angelics are here to shed light on the ascension and the New Earth and to answer all your curiosity questions – questions you always wanted an answer to but could not find.  By asking your questions to the Archangels will benefit all and it is a beautiful way of putting your own energy into assisting others to make the ascension with Gaia to the New Earth

The Vimeo fee is for balance.  Why do we say balance?  This is a Universal law.  Ask Angelics does not get everything free of charge.  We put in our own energy as well as monetary input to give to you.  For balance, there must be exchange of energy, and that is the subscription fee.  Energetic exchange comes in different forms.  We do not offer or charge for individual sessions. By subscribing to Vimeo, you have the opportunity to not only learn from your own questions, but from every single like-minded soul who sent in their questions.  We are all paying it forward.  That is most probably why we as humans are less appreciative of something we get for free, but if we put in energy to get it, we do appreciate it a lot more.  We feel the exchange of energy and balance is restored.


Imagine Vimeo as a series of virtual books.  When you go into a bookstore you pay for the book because someone else gave of their own energy to bring knowledge to you that you resonate with.


Secondly, we know that only those who are on the path of awakening and who’s vibration is fitting for this platform will resonate with this.  It is not correct or incorrect if there are those who feel it is not worth paying $9.96 for being part of this knowledge.  Every soul has its own pace and manner of awakening and it is that soul’s choice alone.  We do not want negative comments due to those who do not understand, thus creating this platform for those who are ready at this time.  To be part of the awakening is a soul decision and not a conscious decision.

The Angelics made it clear that there are many platforms for those who wish to receive knowledge in a different manner, BUT, Ask Angelics is a platform unlike any other. The Archangels have stated clearly that those who truly embrace this knowledge will make an effort to be part of it, thus, creating a space for those who truly wish to know more.

For those who sent in questions – thank you so much!  We will endeavor to bring you answers from the Angelics as soon as possible. We are on track now with the production process and new videos will be posted on a regular basis.  We will be uploading new videos to Vimeo every week.  If you want a sneak peak of the videos on Vimeo, you can watch the trailers on our YouTube channel!

Absolutely.  If you want to stay anonymous you may excersice that right.  However, if you don’t, your name will be mentioned.  Most do not object to this as the purpose of the videos is to give you a chance to get your questions answered without giving up your privacy,  (refer to how questions are to be asked) and secondly you are contributing to the enlightenment of others and the ascension in general. We want you to light as many other candles as you can!