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Do you believe in co-incidence? We do not. If you follow your path that is one of the first things you will stop believing in. Here is our story of awakening.
In November 2018 my two children and I severed all connections with organised religion and became part of the awakened. And yes, particularly…..


About Us



I am Robert Henri’s hypnotherapist and guides him into an altered state of hypnosis.  I ask the questions, go deep into the unknown to bring you the knowledge of that which you always wanted an answer to. 

Robert Henri

Channeler Of Archangels

 I want to share my special gift as a channeler of any of the Achangels with you.  Please feel free to ask your questions to the Archangels who stand ready and willing to impart knowledge to you. 

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Ask Angelics TEAM

The ascension is upon us, the most significant event ever on Planet Earth.  The Archangels came forward in this most auspicious time to assist humankind, to impart all knowledge needed to ascend to the New Earth.  Robert Henri and I feel so blessed to be able to create an environment for those who struggle on this Earth plane and to make this lonely path of awakening a little bit more exciting, bring together like-minded souls. We are not here to convince any unawakend soul of that which we do, or degrade any organised religion. 

We are here for those already on the path of awakening, to build a strong community for those to feel safe and feel welcome. Robert Henri and I invite you with open arms to embrace this opportunity created by the Archangels.  To those who are still on the path of awakening – we wish to inspire you to never doubt your feelings of the heart. The path of awakening may bring many changes. Embrace that and reach for the light.

37% of Americans identify themselves as spiritual but not religious

Spiritual Awakening is growing rapidly. 8% increase from 2017-2021

“Living in the illusion of Earth is the greatest act of bravery any soul can undertake”

Ask Angelics

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