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A Starseed is a soul who has never been in human form here on Earth before.

We all come from The One Source, Creator of all. We are small bits of this One Source which makes us all part of each other, definite proof of our oneness with all living beings. As a soul, we determine what we want to learn and where we want to do this. Souls can travel the galaxies and universes for the purpose of learning and experiencing.

Starseeds may have lived lives on other planets but never have incarnated in human form before on the earth plane. Thus, living for the first time under the rules of this Universe with these unique limitations specific to Earth presents challenges of its own.

It is during this time that Starseeds become very prominent, and more and more are coming down for the purpose to assist in the Ascension. Those on the path of awakening will know that we are living in a most auspicious time where the veil is thinning. This experiment called Earth is coming to an end and within the next 10 or so years, the Ascension to the New Earth will reach its pinnacle. All those who made the soul choice to ascend during this lifetime will be able to do so.


The incarnation of the Starseeds has a very significant purpose. They are here to assist in the Ascension in many, many ways. In short, they assist in lifting the vibration to ensure that the shift from this 3-dimensional plane to the 5 dimensional New Earth can be reached. They come down with altered DNA and have a strong connection with the Angelics and other beings. Through their abilities, they are a crucial part of the success of the Ascension.

Below we are going to discuss various aspects of being a Starseed, their own particular challenges, and how they differ from souls that have had many lives here on this planet. If you wish to know more about our guided spiritual awakening for more Click Here



Earth is the most challenging planet a soul can learn and experience. The Universal laws on this planet are unique to Earth and cannot be found on any other planet. Once caught on the wheel of karma, souls must return and reincarnate life afterlife to try and resolve the karma. Doing that while under the veil, not being able to remember where you come from and what you are supposed to do here is not an easy task.

Earth is the only planet with limitations like physicality, emotion, the logical or conscious mind, free will, and the veil that is responsible for the disconnection and not remembering where we come from and the illusion that we are separate from everyone and everything.

Nowhere else these limitations are present, and although it is much easier living life on other planets, soul growth is slower because the learning curve is not so steep as here on Earth.

It is difficult for Starseeds to understand and live under these limitations, as they were free to create and manifest without these limitations and were fully connected before coming down.


Interesting to know is that language is also a limitation created by humans. In the beginning, we were able to use telepathy, and you get the occasional Starseed that is linguistically challenged.

Starseeds may also prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet. Meat is obtained by the killing of other sentient beings which does not resonate well with Starseeds. They have a natural tendency towards a plant-based diet, and many times their bodies do not respond well towards meat.



Being here on Earth means that we are bound to the rules of the Universe, rules that only exist here and nowhere else in the Galaxies. Limitations and Universal laws make this a unique experience — but the most challenging planet a soul can come to learn.

A Starseed must for the first time learn to play according to the Universe’s rules. To create, to make choices while having free will, to enjoy the 3-dimensional physicality with its own limitations. They have to learn to manifest according to this Universe’s rules as manifestation here is not always instantaneous. There are definite steps in the process and the illusion of time is experienced. Universal laws cannot be broken, and the Universe is always just and she is always fair. If you are getting out of line — she will let you know in her way!



We all come down with the veil intact which is a state of forgetfulness. We forget from where we are coming, our guides, guardian angels, and all other angelics, even the fact that we are all connected and not separate. We find ourselves in a big illusion that feels very real while we play our roles during each incarnation. Now we must find our way to reconnect and use feeling instead of the limitation of the logical mind. It is many a time through the practicing of meditation that we are starting to realize that we are so much more than just a physical body and that we have others to guide us on our journey.

Because they are unique as they are, Starseeds are living their lives more with feeling than relying on the conscious mind to guide them. They are more connected to the realms outside of the human body although they do not consciously know this. A Starseed is so much more connected to their guides, guardian angels, and all other angelics, even to the planet they came from. Starseeds will often express the reason for a decision as ‘I felt this was the right choice’ and not I thought about it. They have this ability to maintain a certain degree of an awakened state.

These are typically gifted children and many a time misunderstood. There are certain things they just know and in recent years Starseeds are the souls coming in to assist in many ways in awakening others for the purpose of the Ascension. Just look around and you will see the difference makers are more often the younger generation that goes about doing things differently than everyone else before, breaking down customs and introducing genius ways of going about accomplishing great things. >>>


Past lives on Earth are important — from that, we draw experiences and knowledge, also, it may affect our health when karma is carried over from any past life to this life we are currently living.

With no past lives, and therefore no past experience or knowledge on Earth to draw from, Starseeds must be equipped to be able to survive on this most challenging planet. During the planning on the ethereal planes before coming down, all Starseeds are given what is called imprints. Imprints are past experiences from the akashic records given to them so they can use them as a reference in the same way all others with past lives do.

Although we do not consciously know it, the more past lives we have the more we have learned and experienced. Our soul can use those experiences and knowledge to assist in the present life we are living. Learn more about past lives here


The short answer is no. Starseeds come in with a sheath that protects them from karma. There are a few other factors that also contribute to this. Because they are not so affected by the veil, they are more connected than souls who already spent many lifetimes here. They live their life with feeling and do not show so much emotion. That is because they can very easily detach themselves from emotion. If you think about it: there are two main reasons for us to accumulate karma: emotion and free will. Emotion clouds judgment and gives way to the conscious mind instead of feeling. Learn more about Karma Here


All souls that made the decision to come to Earth to experience and learn are brave. So are the Starseeds as they are especially confused by the violence and emotional limitation. They can sometimes be perceived as cold or emotionally unattached and there is a very good reason for that. As explained, they cannot get karma and to be able to accomplish that they will detach themselves emotionally from certain situations where emotions may have a karmic effect.

They are here to assist us all during our path of awakening, to be able to ascend with Gaia to the New Earth. The collective human consciousness has manifested this, and all who agreed on soul level have this wonderful opportunity to make this journey together to the New Earth. For more videos about awakening Click here

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