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what is a lightworker?


This is the first question that must be considered before we dive into more detail.

A Lightworker is someone that brings light to others – in whichever form they present the light does not matter.  The way in which Lightworkers work is innumerable because they are doing exactly what they agreed to do, and they go about it in their own individual way.  Just imagine if all Lightworkers worked in the same manner; only those who resonate with that specific manner will be enlightened!

Think about it in this way: sometimes you need the soft flame of a candle, sometimes a flashlight, and at other times a light so bright that it is fitting to use in an operating room.  Everyone’s needs are different, and the Universe caters to all of us.

Lightworkers are working on different levels during this time of awakening.  If someone stayed for a long period of time in darkness, (the veil), light must be introduced very slowly, because they are stepping out into a new reality, something unknown that can create fear.  Many who were overwhelmed went back to where they came from as their sole made a decision that they are simply not ready yet.  Free will may play a role here and must always be respected

We are all in different stages of awakening, and it is crucial to provide for just enough light to not be the cause of blinding another or interfering in another soul’s path.



It is only in recent years that the phenomenon of Lightworkers became prominent.  I say phenomenon because we are living in a most auspicious time where the veil is thinning, and more and more people are becoming part of the awakened.

It is during this time while we are preparing for the Ascension, that so many are stepping forward as Lightworkers in so many ways to assist those on the path of awakening.  

We also must remember that the decision to awaken is a soul choice.  We cannot force anyone to become part of the awakening.  It is every soul’s right to travel its own path, nothing is right or wrong.  It just is.

Awakening always comes from the soul, it cannot be forced from the outside. It is like a bird
breaking its egg from the inside when it’s ready. Breaking it from the outside will never do. >>> Join our Facebook Group


I will only be discussing a few types of Lightworkers because it is impossible to mention each and every one of them.  These are only a few examples to give you an idea of what Lightworkers do.

  • There are those who are channelers, bringing forth entities and beings like the Archangels, ordinary people like Robert Henri who is a channeler that has been given the task in this lifetime to channel the Archangels for the purpose of bringing angelical knowledge to the masses.   Those of you who read ‘Conversations of God’ by Neal Donald Walsh will know that God said: “If you want the truth, go to a channeler”.  The truth is brought forward in an unfiltered manner because of the absence of the logical mind.
  • There are those who work with crystals, doing healing and so much more.  Healers who are working with energy not only heal the sick, they also are showing that everything and everyone is energy, not just a physical body.
  • Many are working in the field of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique brought by Dolores Cannon, doing past life regressions with clients experiencing miraculous healing.  They prove that by working on the energetic body, the physical layer can be healed.

Some souls agreed to spread awareness of our abusive behavior towards Gaia, and the karma the collective human consciousness is creating with Gaia.  They are Lightworkers that bring light to those who resonate with Earth and they then become aware of the Ascension.

  • Animal lovers advocating for the animal kingdom became particularly important.  Humans are not supposed to be consuming any sentient being.  More of the collective animal consciousnesses are fighting back, working out their karma with the human consciousness.  An automatic response of our bodies towards higher vibrations is that we are starting to shy away from meat and adopt a plant-based diet complemented by fish who agreed to be consumed by humans.  You will notice that vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians earned their spot on most menus these days as people are starting to realize that what you put into your body has much to do with your vibration.
  • Some may not seem like Lightworkers at all – we may not even be aware of what that person’s task is in this lifetime.  I learned that firsthand from the Archangels when channeled through Robert Henri in a state of hypnosis.  At first, it seemed strange to me but on the other hand, it made perfect sense.  People who exist here on the Earth plane for a lifetime whose only task is to use their energy to heighten the vibration.

I am talking about souls that came in with the explicit purpose of spreading higher vibrations.  Just by walking past them, you pick up that vibration without even knowing about it.  It is like throwing small pieces of gold up in the air while walking among a crowd of people.  Some of it will fall on certain people and others will walk by untouched by it.


This is a question so many are asking.  The answer is, yes, if you are reading this and it resonates with you, you will recognize yourself as part of the Lightworkers movement.  Do not underestimate your role if it seems small to you.  You may affect this planet and its inhabitants in a way not visible to the naked eye.  It may be disguised by logical minds but just because you cannot see it, it does not mean it doesn’t exist…

Continue living your life with feeling and remember who you are!


Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and every action emit a certain frequency.  It is like tuning in to your favorite radio station.   You can tune into any one of them, but you can only listen to one radio station at a time.  That is what we do.  We vibrate on a certain frequency and tuning in to others who have the same vibration.  That is how we attract other souls on our path, and why we say goodbye to those who are on a different vibration.  Let’s be clear: nothing is right or wrong, every soul has its path to travel.

The more you awaken, the more people will enter your reality with the same vibration.  Two people can sit next to each other, but they might be in totally different realities. (It took more than one explanation from the Archangels in the beginning before I could really digest this one!)  

You do not have to go looking for other lightworkers as your soul will identify them for you.  All you have to do, is listen, and then act!

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