Guided Spiritual awakening

Awakening Is A Steep Journey

Unless you have a little bit of help

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Guided Spiritual Awakening

Understand the life you are living.

Receive Angelical Answers to your Questions.

Understand the life you are


Receive Angelical Answers

to your Questions.

Understand the life you are living.

Receive Angelical Answers 

to your Questions.

It has been said many times before that if you wish to know the Universal truth, then speak to a channeler.

Ask Angelics


What you can expect when taking on this steep journey of awakening with us

Submit Questions

Submit your questions for FREE to have all your questions answered by the Archangels themselves, channeled through Robert Henri. You will find these videos on our full spiritual guidance platform - VIMEO

Bonus spiritual guidance

Short videos and monthly full-length podcasts will be uploaded on Youtube to give you an idea of what to expect when joining our full spiritual guidance platform on Vimeo.


Read all about great topics on awakening and the ascension to the new earth.

Facebook Group

This group is for communication between yourself and other souls, as well as Rienie. Meet like-minded people who have awakened. Let's make this lonely path a little less lonely by connecting with others who do not need convincing

Full spiritual guidance

Unlimited streaming. Collection of all sessions with the Archangels and extra recordings of Ask Angelics content. Join the community of those that are already awakened and with a thirst for knowledge.

Here Rienie asks the questions that are sent in with the Archangels channeled through Robert Henri on camera for you to watch.

Here Rienie asks the questions that are sent in with the Archangels channeled through Robert Henri over a podcast for you to listen to. 

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What people say

Heather Hill
Heather Hill
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I have really enjoyed the videos. They have helped so much. More than you could ever know. There were many times I got emotional over the beautiful messages. Please please please keep making these videos. You and Robert have a lifelong subscriber in me. I truly wish the whole world could see the videos. Oh what a difference they would make. So much thanks to you both!!!!!!!
Tosha Andres
Tosha Andres
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Ask Angelics has been so helpful in my awakening process. I love that they answer individual questions and make the content easy to understand. So happy to have found them. Thank you.
Ilze van der Merwe
Ilze van der Merwe
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Ask Angelics has been such a big and valuable part in my second phase of my Awakening. Phase one for me was starting to unravel my curiosity and questions. That knowing deep down that needed a “hand” to push me to phase two. Phase two was magical! Here with the guidance of the Archangels and the Ask Angelics Team I got to feel the magic and get my deepest questions answered. Their guidance and support has made me feel welcomed, comfortable and not so alone on this magical path!

Thank you for every video and podcast. It truly follows and flows like a map from one subject and question to the next. I can truly feel the guidance they follow. Revealing one chapter at a time, exactly as it was ment too. I look forward to every weeks video, its like food for the soul!

Thank you for your guidance, support, love and obedience to what follows next. What an amazing team! May everyone find comfort and guidance here in this save space filled with love and acceptance. Lots of love
Ruby Herringa
Ruby Herringa
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I highly recommend ask angelics to anyone who is going through spiritual ascension as they can answer questions for you. And they are answered quickly. Rienie is absolutely lovely. She, Robert and the angels make you feel welcome and like you have a true friend on your journey.
Helena De Brabander
Helena De Brabander
Read More
Excellent support from 2 amazing people!

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