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Unlimited streaming. Collection of all sessions with the Archangels and extra recordings of Ask Angelics content. Join the community of those that are already awakened and with a thirst for knowledge.

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The Ask Angelics Team stand ready to receive all your messages or questions you have that are not directed to the Angelics.


Short videos and trailers of a few minutes of channeling by the Archangels and short explanations by the Ask Angelics team to give an overall idea of what we can offer those who are part of the already awakened. Full sessions will be available on Vimeo.

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This particular Ask Angelics Service is mostly for communication between yourself and other souls on the path of awakening. Feel free to join our Facebook Group for an introduction to our latest videos and meet like-minded people who have awakened. Let's make this lonely path a little less lonely by connecting with others who do not need convincing

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Our path of awakening and how Ask Angelics came about

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Go and take a look at our free videos on our Videos page, explaining concepts like who the Archangels are etc.

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Submit you questions for FREE to have all your questions answered by the Archangels themselves, channeled through Robert Henri.


Read More about the ascension, what is relevant in this time and our experiences and path forward.


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